Plenary Speakers

Joyce Boro is a professor at the Université de Montréal. She works on the dramatist John Fletcher’s adaptations of Spanish literature, and has recently published a critical edition of Margaret Tyler’s translation of the Mirror of Princely Deeds and Knighthood (MHRA, 2013).

Elizabeth Evenden is a senior lecturer in English at Brunel University London, and held a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship at Harvard/Brunel from 2012-16. She has published extensively on early modern propaganda and print, and is now working on the book trade and Anglo-Hispanic propaganda. Last year she convened the conference Anglo-Iberian Relations, 1500-1850.

Alexander Samson is a lecturer at University College London; his research interests include the early colonial history of the Americas, Anglo-Spanish inter-cultural relations and early modern English and Spanish drama. Recent publications include ‘The Religious Culture of Marian England’ (EHR, 2013) and ‘Lazarillo de Tormes and the Picaresque in Early Modern England’, in The Oxford Handbook of English Prose, 1500-1640 (OUP, 2013).